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Who are the Leaders of VENOM?

A solid team that has stood the test of time

Team Overview

The team of Venom is comprised by a group of individuals with proven experience managing projects, marketing tokens, developing and deploying smart contracts, managing communities, web development, dAPP development, and creating unique artwork. The biographies for each team member can be found at the team section of the website.

Core Team Biographies

Chief Executive Officer:

For over 20 years, Crypto Slimer has been operating in the financial industry as both a personal investor but also as a institutional securities broker that has supported clients ranging from billion-dollar corporations, financial institutions, and high net worth individuals.
In mid 2017, he transitioned from the equities markets which operated for a measly 6.5 hours and instantly fell in love with the non-stop trading conditions of cryptocurrencies. Crypto Slimer's first substantial crypto winner back then was RaiBlocks (Now known as NANO).
Shortly after his first couple crypto investments, he began looking for a platform to engage with the rest of the crypto community and landed on Twitter. He noticed that many folks, especially the influencers, were using fun pseudonyms to represent their crypto brand. He already had a hilarious picture of Slimer from the Ghostbusters as his pre-crypto Twitter avatar and decided to go with 'Crypto Slimer'. The rest is history as they say.
Since then, Crypto Slimer has cultivated his brand and has supported dozens upon dozens of small cap crypto projects in both advisor and marketing roles. His brand has been recognized by some of the most well-respected figureheads and influencers in the blockchain industry.
During the 2022 crypto bear market, he noticed a severe influx of toxic projects that basically did not give a damn about their investors and communities who were at the mercy of these unprofessional parties that simply did not care about long term sustainability and building a positive culture within their community.
In September 2022, he decided that the crypto community deserved better and should be awarded in a much greater fashion than what all the other projects were offering. He organized and hired some of the most amazing talent in the industry to manage, develop and design a project worthy to become one of the best projects the crypto space has ever seen which led to the genesis of Venom.

Senior Advisor

Mr. Lightspeed aka Christopher Johnson, PhD., is the Senior Advisor for Venom and brings over a year of experience as a Token CEO as well as several years of experience managing blockchain infrastructure for financial institutions. He is the president of Lightspeed Crypto Services, LLC.
Mr. Lightspeed is highly regarded as an expert in managing all forms of listings from high quality data aggregators to various centralized and decentralized exchanges. He is leading those efforts for Venom, which includes the development of circulation and total supply APIs. Mr. Lightspeed will ensure all data aggregators are properly reporting verified circulation, total, and max supplies for the highest rankings.
In addition, he has advised the project on matters of tokenomics, token distributions, project security, partnerships, team building, and has performed the smart contract testing and auditing efforts in cooperation with our smart contract developers.
Mr. Lightspeed is a Binance Affiliate and Binance Institutional Investor (thoroughly vetted by the Binance team). In addition, he is a retired combat veteran from the USAF with over 27 years of service where he enlisted in 1988. He is a graduate of the US Air Force Academy and has a PhD in Organizational Leadership (2007) with a focus in mergers and acquisitions. He is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), Scaled Agilist, and ITIL Practitioner.
Finally, Mr. Lightspeed is a verified influencer at CoinMarketCap and will be supporting the project with longform articles to increase brand recognition.

Project Manager

Mr. Braindead aka Bryan is an ecstatic newcomer to cryptocurrency. As a community administrator for several projects, he has been willing and determined to answer questions and direct people to resources to help them. Among other administrative duties such as helping to coordinate meetings, he also wrote Medium articles and organically posted different variations of original, sloganized copy for projects on social media. He most recently helped with Spaceworm ETH, and pushed to organically grow and maintain a community of nearly 800 people before being recruited for Project Venom. His real-life experience includes IT help desk support engineer, and hardware management.
In addition, Bryan oversees the progress of each team at Venom and provides guidance on the strategic direction of the project.

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