Safe - Multi Signature Protections

Mitigating centralization risks

Previously known as Gnosis Safe, Safe is the solution Venom is using to mitigate centralization risks associated with the project i.e., smart contract functions, marketing funds, LP management, and more. The Safes make use of smart contracts to provide recovery mechanisms and authentications using multiple private keys.

Some of the benefits of using Safe include:

  • Mitigation of the risk of complete loss of assets should a private key be lost

  • Protection of the project from lone wolfs: 2 of 3 signatures are required per transaction

  • Complete self custody: the smart contracts are completely trustless and in our control

In addition, each safe is segregated by function for an additional layer of protection. Venom is making use of five Safes:

At the time of the private sale, the team assigned each safe tokens in alignment with the published token distribution.

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