Data Aggregation Listings

Distributing project details far and wide

Venom is listed on as many data aggregation sites as possible. Ranking on the trending section of these pages drives visibility to the project and also help curious investors do their own research. In addition, listing on a wide variety of data aggregation sites ensures Venom is exposed 'outside its bubble' and seen by a wider audience.

In addition, the team at Venom has developed their own Total and Circulation Supply APIs. These APIs read the wallets that are reported out of circulation straight from the blockchain. Several sites allow Venom to hook in the APIs for verified supply information as well as live market cap computations.

The formulas for the supply APIs are as follows:

Total Supply = 100,000,000,000 - Burned Tokens

Circulation Suppy = 100,000,000,000 - Burned Tokens - Liquidity Pairs - Team Controlled Wallets - Gempad Public Sale Vested Tokens - Gempad Private Sale Vested Tokens - Team Vested Tokens

The following sites have listed Venom with verified circulation supply:

The following sites have listed Venom without verified circulation supply or have it pending:

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